In my previous post i have talked about how i build my teams in Football Manager. Click here to take a look at that post. In this post i will talk about the yellow and black stars and how they affect the players i have at the club. Once again i want to point out that the way i do things in Football Manager are my own ways. They might not be completely how the developers have made the game but if something works for me i will use it when needed. Now let’s get cracking!

One of the most annoying but pretty realistic things in Football Manager are the black stars in coaching and scouting reports. Most of the time when you scout a player or ask for a coach report you will see yellow and black stars. These black stars are mostly triggered by the fact that your coach or scout doesn’t know the targeted player well enough. Or the player is too young for your members of staff to exactly know how many stars his potential ability will be. This will also be affected by how good your members of staff are at Judging a Players Potential. The better your scout or coach is the sooner he can deliver a complete report about the targeted player. Around the age of 25 players will start to stagnate in their development and by then the black stars will disappear. This happens because of the simple fact that your members of staff can estimate in a better way how high a player his potential is going to be. Another important thing to know is that training and mentoring have no influence on a player his potential as this is a set value.

What you do know is that this player his potential is going to be somewhere in between the yellow and black stars

Now you might wonder what all of this has anything to do with my Football Manager savegames? Let me explain. Everytime at the start of the season i assess the players that i have at my disposal. As i’ve explained in a previous guide i look at certain things before i decided what i do with a player. This als goes for the amount of stars a player has. As you can see at the screenshot on the right side some players will have two and a half stars and others will have four stars. Now let me explain how i look at all of these stars when i decide what to do with a player. For me every player that has a three star current ability and a three star or higher potential ability is a squad player or regular starter. Every player that is young (below 21 years old) that has only one or two star current ability but a three stars or higher potential is considered to become a squad player in the future. These type of players will go on loanspells to help their development. A player with a four stars current ability and potential ability is an important player for my team and will be considered as a star player for the future if he has a five stars potential ability. Every player that has a four and a half or five stars current and potential ability are my star players. I do understand that these type of players are very rare but to me a star player is exactly that, rare! But for me using this type of ranking via these stars makes my life as a manager in Football Manager much easier. I have been using this ranking system for years now and i am really happy with it. You can do a lot of things with it and it is especially fun to find one or two star players who might have a high potential to scout them, bring them to the club and then either use them in the first team or sell them if they eventually seem to lack the skills to be a first team player.

Now let’s look at an example from my Chelsea FC savegame so you can really understand what i mean and how you can effectively abuse this as well. In my current Chelsea team i have no star players, four important players, seven regular starters and ten squad players. Out of the four important players there is actually one that only has a three star current and potential ability. This player is Hakim Ziyech who has been bought by the club itself so i had no influence in this transfer anymore. So when i look at my system above Ziyech should not be anything more then a regular starter because he is a three stars player and not a four or higher stars player. Somewhere in the near future i will have to correct Ziyech his status within the squad so he is in the place he actually belongs.

As i’ve stated earlier there is a way to abuse the different types of squad statuses you have at your disposal in Football Manager. When a player wants a certain status and he does not belong there but you really want to sign him then just give it to him during the contract negotiations. As soon as he has signed his contract at your club and he is at your club for a few months you just lower his squad status. Just keep in mind that the player in question might start to moan about this. Just keep putting your foot down because eventually the player will back down as long as he doesn’t want to leave your club. For me this has worked out on several occassions which meant that i was able to get players to my club who otherwise never would’ve joined. It is a sneaky method but hey if it works it works right?

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I want to thank everbody who has taken the time to read this guide. I hope it was informative and clear enough to get my point across. Take care, stay safe and i hope you will revisit my blog to stay up to date on my Football Manager adventures and information.





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