Welcome to yet another new post in my The Other Oranje Football Manager 2020 series. In this post we will take a look at the youth intake i’ve had in my first season with FC Volendam. Normally i never pay much attention to my youth intakes when i blog about my Football Manager savegames. But this time i just want to cover as much as i can about the save itself and so here is my first youth intake post ever!

During the first season i’ve gotten a nice youth intake preview. As you can see on the screenshot below the early assessment about our youth intake was pretty decent. So when i read this report i was extremely happy. As FC Volendam’s finances are quite poor i need to rely on our own youth development quite  a bit. And this situation will not change for the first four to five seasons. Once we are able to get proper results on the pitch our finances will get boosted. And as soon as that happens our reputation will grow as well and we will be able to bring in better players then we currently can.

For me this positive report was quite the surprise. I was not reallt expecting some good youth players in my first season with the club. As you can see on the screenshot below our facilities are inbetween average and good at the moment. So this has kept me quite sceptical about the youngsters coming into our youth intake in this season. I was hoping on on or maybe two decent youngsters but in the end we got a few more. That still does not mean that these players will develop themselves into first team or even world class players. But it does mean that we have taken a step in the right direction and we can keep building from there. Investing into our own facilities during the seasons to come will be a must because otherwise we will never be able to develop the club into a European giant.

Once the youth intake happened i was even more surprised. We actually got four players with a decent amount of potential and even two of them are able (in my opinion) to make it into the first team. With Diego Vanneste and Eric Essues not being far from first team level i knew i had two players that needed some serious attention from me toward their development. Jean-Claude Placide, Jos Ploem and Mike Troupée are to be considered back-up players for the future and nothing more. I know Placide his potential is four starts but at the start of season two i am bringing in a new young goalkeeper who is much better then Placide. So i will still help him in his development but at the time of the youth intake i knew he was not going to be a first team choice for the forseeable future.


This seventeen year old Swedish lad will be a really decent player in the future. With his current attributes i am very happy and i am also very happy that i can use him as a right winger and as a striker. Due to the tactical system i have in mind he will be trained as a striker because that is how i am going to use him. During the season that is upon us he will spend his time in the U-19 team. As the season progresses i will give him some minutes in the first team. If his development goes as planned i will promote this lad to the first team at the start of season three. By then he will have improved quite a bit so he can fight for a spot in the first team then. If he fails to win a spot in the first team i will try to loan him out to a team with good facilities. He will also need a fair amount of minutes on the pitch so we will take all of that into consideration when the time comes.


This seventeen year ols Belgium striker will be a direct rival for Eric Esséus. Both youngsters will get the same development treatments and i expect both of them to reach the first team pretty quickly. As you can see on the screenshot below Vanneste is forming up to be quite the poacher. As i am not using that role in my tactic he will be retrained either as a false nine or an advanced forward. As his height is 198 centimeters i can also always retrain him as a targetman so for Vanneste there are multiple options like we have with Esséus. My vision for this Belgium lad is exactly the same as i have with Esséus. First season at the club will be spend in the U19 team and after that, if his development allows it, he will make the step into the first team. Let’s hope both lads will make it but if only one really makes it i will be happy as well.


Our under 19 team has had a really terrific season as well. With their third spot in the league they got themselves promoted to the U19 Eredivisie. It is funny because now the first team and the U19 team will both be competing in their Eredivisie leagues. I am very happy with this development because now our youngsters will have to play tougher opponents which will be very good for their development.


As i’ve written above i normally never blog about these things so i really hoped all of you have enjoyed this post. I am very curious to see where this savegame is eventually taking me and the club. Building FC Volendam into a European giant is something i really love doing and i can only hope that we will get there as quickly as possible. Thanks again for reading and i hope you will return for the next one somewhere in the near future. #StaySafe and #StayOrange!



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