Welcome to yet another instalment in my The Other Oranje FM20 series. In my previous post we’ve talked about the transfers that i’ve done during the summer window. My team needed some fresh blood and some more quality as we wanted to avoid relegation from the Eredivisie. Well in this post i am going to take you on our FM20 adventure and i will show our performances during season two.


At the start of season two the media predicted that we would end up somewhere around the 15th place. We would face a horrific and tough relegation battle but we would survive according to them. Our board of directors expected us to stay in the Eredivisie and we needed to get into the quarter final of the Dutch Cup. If i am completely honest the Dutch Cup was something i really did not care about during season two. All of my focus and resources have been aimed at staying in the Eredivisie and nothing else.


Our results in the TOTO KNVB Beker tournament have been less when you compare them to the previous season. In my first season with FC Volendam we ended up in the semi finals against Ajax from whome we lost 1 to 5. That loss was expected and thus we all had peace with it. But this season i had hopes of performing really good as well. And our start was really good as we’ve managed to beat SteDoCo  at home 5 to 1. As usual i’ve used a lot of back-up players in the TOTO KNVB Beker tournament and that is why i was happy that we had a pretty decent start. Go Ahead Eagles was our second opponent (no idea why the screen shows it wrong) and we managed to beat them as well. With a 4 to 2 scoreline i was happy and it was also good to see that Dany Mota and Arturas Zulpa managed to score some goals. Then the unexpected happened as our next opponent was going to be AFC Ajax. The team that knocked us out last season in the semi finals knocked us out this season in the third round. I was not happy when this happened but when you have to face AFC Ajax you know you are going to have a really tough time and we did. Now that our cup adventure is over it is time to focus on our Eredivisie performances.

Our TOTO KNVB Beker tournament adventure was short thanks to AFC Ajax


As the screenshot below shows we’ve had an excellent first season in the Eredivisie. We’ve managed to beat the expectations and even qualified for European football next season. Feyenoord managed to win the Eredivisie as Ajax came in second place and only one point behind we ended up in the third spot. It is absolutely amazing how a season in Football Manager can unfold. Halfway through the season we were stuck in 5th place with a gap of four points with the number four spot. I am really glad that we’ve managed to turn things around in the second half of the season. We’ve finally managed to settle on a 5-3-2 tactic atfer the winter break and that gave us more consistency then the tactic swapping we had been doing up until that point. All in all we’ve had an exceptional season Eredivisie wise. At the start of the season i was aiming for a mid table spot myself because my team was not that good. And when you look at our goals scored and goals against it is a miracle that we ended up where we did. Only 49 goals scored in 34 games is just plain bad. Even with the new players that i brought in we did not manage to compete at any level.  A series of minimal victories against our opponents propelled us into the third spot and i am really proud and happy that it did. Because due to our third spot a lot of possibilities will open up next season.

Our third spot is an absolute miracle


Just to be clear, i am happy with our results in our first season in the Eredivisie. I do realise that ending in third spot is a good thing for the club and getting European football is even better. But as i’ve stated at the end of season one when we won promotion to the Eredivisie i can safely say that my team is not ready for European football at all. If we want to have a proper third season we will need to settle on a tactic and i will need to analyse them team very well and bring in players of a higher quality.

In my next post we will take a look at the statistics from season two so we can see how everybody has been performing. For now stay safe and thanks for reading!



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