Welcome back to another post in my The Other Oranje Football Manager 2020 series. In this post we will be taking a look at the transfers that i’ve done. After our promotion to the Eredivisie i knew we had to strenghten our team. But as i’ve written before our financial resources are limited. So in order of getting new players in i knew i had to sell a few. The slim budgets that were given to me only allowed me some room in the Wage Budget. Selling players would boost my chances of getting a few new decent players in. The current squad is in no shape to take on Eredivisie teams so fresh blood was an urgency.


After analysing the team there were a few players that were allowed to leave the club. It was rather important that we first freed up some more room in the Wage Budget. So i let three players go on free transfers. Jim Beers, Sjors Kramer and Moriazio de Souza all left the club on a free transfers. These three players were useless to the club and their salaries were not too high but high enough for me to let them go quickly and easily. For me personally the hardest decision was to let go of Samir Ben Sallam. At this moment in the savegame he was one of our biggest talents around. But the fact that Feyenoord offered 325.000 euro’s and i tricked them in giving me 400.000 euro’s more as soon as Ben Sallam played his first game for the club was eventually reason enough to let him go. I also secured 40% from the next transfer so Ben Sallam will bring more money to the club in the future. I’ve also managed to get rid off Leon Maloney as he took his chances at Sparta Rotterdam and Zakaria El Azzouzi as he signed with FC Eindhoven. Especially El Azzouzi his departure felt like a big failure to myself. In previours Football Manager editions i loved to get my hands on him as he usually turned out into a goalscoring machine. Here at FC Volendam he was nothing but injured so the 165.000 euro’s we got for him were welcome.


As i’ve stated earlier one of my goals with FC Volendam is creating an Eredivisie worthy team. Some players that i have at my disposal are good enough for that right now but most others are not. As i could not sell all of my players at once i had to keep a few of them on board. It however did not stop me from getting ten new players into the club and it only costed the club one million euro’s in total. Issam El Maach has come over from AFC Ajax and he will be my new number one goalkeeper. I have a lot of faith in this young lad and i really want to help him to unlock his potential. Nordin Bakker has had a decent first season but he lacks the quality to be an Eredivisie goalkeeper and that is why i brought in El Maach on a free transfer. Wessel Dammers came over from Fortuna Sittard on a free transfer. This lad has more then enough Eredivisie experience so he fits right into my transfer philosophy at this time. He is also 24 years old so he is not too young and not too old to be a veteran yet but his experience will be useful during the coming season. Mauro Savastano is another player from which i believe that he can grow into a really good player. The only question mark that he has is the fact that he seems to get injured quite a lot. This did not stop me from bringing him into the club and i hope he can be a nice competetor for Gijs Smal who is our current left back. Godfried Roemeratoe is a young but versatile player and when i saw him i knew i had to bring him to the club. The fight for his signature was tough but in the end he liked us most and so he signed a four year contract here at FC Volendam.

Mario Tokic is an eighteen year old Croatian striker. For a small fee we bought him from Dinamo Zagreb and for the time being this lad will join our Under 19 team. I expect him to compete for a first team spot in two to three seasons. Paulo Vitor is our top signing off the season. At least that is what his agent led us to believe. This 20 year old Brazilian attacker came in as a star player and all i can hope is that he is going to live up to those expectations. We’ve payed a lot of money for him so his performances should be well enough if he wants to repay our trust and investment. Dany Mota has been on my list the entire first season and i was really happy that this 21 year old Portuguese striker signed at our club. I believe he will become a team leader here at the club and i hope he is going to score plenty of goals for the team. The 400.000 euro’s invested in this player was the last bit of transfer money we had so i surely hope it is well spend. David Panka is a young talent which was brought to our club by my Head of Youth Development Remco Lim. For now i trust his judgement and as Panka joined us on a free transfer we will not lose much money if we decide to sell him in a few seasons. Arturas Zulpa is the signing of this season for me. This 29 year old Lithuanian midfielder will bring experience to the team. He will also be my new captain and i trust him to lead this pretty young team to succes (anything but relegatio this season i consider as a succes). This heavy burden is placed upon the shoulders off this guy and i expect him to deliver. Last but not least we signed Carlos Rivas . This 26 year old Colombian attacker is going to be a nice backup for Mota and Vitor. As he can play as a winger or a striker i do expect him to get more then enough minutes during the season to come.


I am pretty happy with the team that we’ve managed to get together. I know this is not a top tier team but i do believe this team has what it takes to stay in the Eredivisie. So my expectations for the upcoming season will not change because all i care about is avoiding relegation and that’s it. Once we do that we can continue building our Eredivisie and even European football worthy team during the seasons to come.

Issam El Maach GK 21 MAR
Nordin Bakker GK 23 NED
Stan Zoetebier GK 20 NED
Joerie Church DC/DR 23 NED
Mike Eerdhuijzen DC/DR 20 NED
Daryl Baly DC/DR 23 NED
Micky van de Ven DC/DL 20 NED
Gyani Manuel DR/MR 19 NED
Mathias Bossaerts DC/DR 24 BEL
Mohamed Betti DR/MR 24 NED
Mauro Savastano DL/ML 24 NED
Gijs Smal DC/DL 23 NED
Godfried Roemeratoe DR/DM/MC 21 NED
Wessel Dammers DC/DM/MC 26 NED
Arturas Zulpa DM/MC 29 LTU
Jari Vlak MC 22 NED
Nick Doodeman MC/ML/MR 24 NED
Sam Lautenschultz MC 18 NED
Roy Tol AMR/S 22 NED
Derry Murkin ML/AML 21 ENG
Eris Esseus AMR/S 18 SWE
Dany Mota S 23 POR
Paulo Vitor AML/S 21 BRA
Carlos Rivas AML/AMR/S 26 COL


It has been an exhausting time for me as a manager. I’ve been scouring the transfer market, getting a lot of players on trial before i could actually make up my mind on who to sign. I have been busy with getting this team together for nearly six hours and that has never ever happened to me before in any of my previous savegames. I want to thank everybody that has taken the time to read this!

Kind regards,


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