Welcome to yet another post in my FC Volendam Football Manager 2020 series. In this post we will be taking a look at how the players have been performing during season two. This post will be different from the one that i did at the end of season one. This time around i will be focussing on the players that have been contributing the most to our success and we also look at who have been under performing.



At the start of the season Arturas Zulpa joined our club on a free transfer. This 29 year old veteran player came into the club and i made him my team captain. He had the right attributes for this task and i was expecting quite a lot from this Lithuanian midfielder. Now that we are at the end of season two i can safely say that he has delivered what i was expecting. With a 7.13 as an average rating he was our best performing player during the entire season. I have been using him as a deep lying playmaker in my 532 tactic and he did very well in the centre of the pitch. Scoring three groals and giving one assist he could’ve contributed more on this specific area but for the team he was the player that took the team by the hand. In every game he played Zupla called the shots and he was the rock for his teammates. I really noticed the difference in how my team performed when he was absent and so i am happy that this transfer worked out very well.


The second player that i wanted to highlight was our 22 year old Dutch midfielder Jari Vlak. At the end of season one this was one of the players i had my doubt about. I wasn’t entirely sure if he could make it in the Eredivisie but this young lad has proven me wrong. I am very happy that i’ve decided not te sell him at the start of season two as Vlak has performed extremely well. Next to Arturas Zulpa this midfielder, which i’ve been using as box-to-box midfielder, has managed to score three goals and give five assists. With a 7.11 as an average rating his overall performance has been outstanding. Him and Zulpa have a good connection and i hope to see them continue their strong performances during season three.


As people might recall my search for decent Eredivisie worthy players has been extremly hard at the start of the season. In the end i did manage to sign a few players and Dany Mota has been one of them. Together with Paulo Vitor this Portuguese striker has been trying to score goals for the team in every game he has played in. With a 6.99 as average rating, fourteen goals scored and two assists given Dany Mota has been our most lethal player during season two. I was extremely happy with the fact that Danny Mota stepped up as my (top) striker as both Paulo Vitor and Carlos Rivas really didn’t. So i can safely say that another free transfer has turned out pretty well.

Like with most teams you have players that peform very well and you have players that underperform. As i am somebody who doesn’t only want to show off the good parts of my savegame i am now gonna show you the players that did not perform as well as expected.



After paying 550.000 euro’s for this Brazilian lad he came to our club as a “starplayer”. His agent sold a nice selling pitch and so we took the bait and went for this attacker. At the end of season two i can safely say that i  was pretty sorry that i had spend most of my transfer budget on him. Was he so bad during the season? No, but when you have a big mouth and say that you are a starplayer then you should put your money where your mouth is and Paulo Vitor did not do that at all. With a 6.94 as an average rating, seven goals scored and eight assist given he was not one of our topperformers of the season. Dany Mota scored twice the amount of goals and i was pretty dissappointed with Paulo Vitor his overall performance. Now that we are at the start of season three i am thinking off selling him to another club but i doubt the interest will be high enough to earn us back our 550.000 euro that we invested in him.


The second player that did not manage to live up to my expectaction was Carlos Rivas. He was one the more older and more experienced players this seaso and i am not happy with what he has been showing to us. With a 6.90 as an average rating, seven goals scored and four assists given he was performing even worse then Paulo Vitor. The only upside about this was the fact that we had managed to sign Rivas on a free transfer. So no real money was lost and his contribution to the team was not as i had hoped the (financial) pain was less then with Paulo Vitor. This Colombian player his spot on the team is safe for now as he will be getting a second chance during season three. I hope he is going to grab the chances that he will get otherwise it will be done and dusted with his career here at FC Volendam by the end of next season.



As the team had been struggling with scoring goals during season two i eventually ended up promoting this young lad to the first team. Eric Esséus has joined our club during our youth intake in season one and he has been playing in our under 19 team ever since. But when the team was in trouble i started looking for any solution that i could. This eventually led to Esséus joining the first team where he has been getting his first games in professional football. Even though this lad did not contribute much in the few games that he has been on the pitch he has been impressing me. His attributes are not too bad and i am sure with the right training and the right amount of game time in the first team Eric Esséus will grow into an important player for the first team. And so #PROJECTESSEUS has been born as i will be blogging about this lad his development. I will keep an close eye on his development and i will blog about that in the near future.


Every team goes through a period when the team is affected by injuries and suspensions. So did my FC Volendam which eventually led me to promoting Gyani Manuel to the first team. Like with Eric Esséus this young lad joined the club during my season one youth intake. In another post i will show you the youth intakes that i’ve had here at FC Volendam. Sometimes you have to take risks or give a player a chance and Gyani Manuel is going to get his chances during season three. After promoting him to the first team he has not played a single minute. My goal was to involve him in our cup matches but as we went out of the cup tournament rather quickly he never got any game time in the first team. That is about to change as Manuel will be part of my season three first team where he will get enough game time to help him with his development. I have a firm belief that this lad will turn into a decent player for the first team and i will help him as much as possible.

For those of you that want to see the full team statistics click here.


I want to thank each and every one of you that has taken the time to read this post. We’ve had a successful first season in the Eredivisie and the time is now to prepare for my third season with FC Volendam. With European football on the horizon we have a tough season ahead of us. Getting the right players in and making sure that we are getting rid of the right players is really important. In my next post we will be taking a look at the transfers i have done to get the team ready for the new season. For now stay safe and make sure to come back to my blog regularly so you don’t miss any posts.



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