Welcome to another instalment in my The Other Oranje series. In my previous post i’ve shown you the players their performances. We also saw that some players performed extremely well while others under performed. With a new season ahead of us it was time to take a good look at my players and decide who could stay and who should go.


Like the previous season this new season i had hardly any transfer budget (€ 40.000,-) and a bit of wage budget that i could work with. So before i could actually dip my toes into the transfermarket i had to get rid of some players. The first deal we completed was the transfer from Zep Jonker to AFC Ajax. The club from Amsteram paid us a lot of money for a eighteen year old talent and this offer was too good to turn down. Sure Jonker would have a future in the first team but when finances are causing the club to stop from growing you sometimes have to do somethings you’d rather not. I did however include a clause into this deal which will give us 50% from the next transfer. So when and if Jonker develops himself properly and he get’s sold somewhere down the line we will earn even more money from this transfer. Letting Nick Runderkamp, Joerie Church and Nick Doodeman go was a really tough decision. These players have been important to the club’s recent success but as i’ve stated earlier, the club wants to keep moving forward. This means that every player i have doubts about is gonna be sold. I am not gonna sell my entire team at once but when there is interest in certain players and the transferfee is right, i will sell. This also happened to Daryl Baly, Martijn Kaars and Alex Plat who all kept the bench pretty warm during the last two seasons.  As all of these transfers gave us over eight million euro’s i now had the budget to start attracting new players to the club.


As i really wanted to strenghten the team i knew i had to invest enough time to get the right players to the club. If i recall correctly it has taken me around eight hours to get the players i wanted to FC Volendam. As you can see on the screenshot below seven new players came to the club and we’ve only spend just over four million euro’s in doing so. Django Warmerdam came over from FC Utrecht just under one million euro’s. He is a versatile player who can cover the entire left flank and thus he was very interesting for my team. With such a low transfer fee i could not let him go to any other club and so we signed him on a three year deal. Wilson Altamirano is an Argentine midfielder who was on my radar for one and a half season. He has not the best attributes but when i could get him on a free transfer i did not hesitate at all. In my eyes he is a nice player close to the starting eleven and he will provide cover for every midfield position we have in our tactic. Pierre-Emmanuel Ekwah Elimby and Richard Nartey both came over from Chelsea FC. Both are young defenders who see a future here with The Other Oranje. Interest in both players was pretty high and i am so happy they decided to sign contract with us. Quinten Timber was also a target for our club for quite some time. I also hope to sign his brother someday but for now we will have to do with Quinten. This lad is a talented midfielder who will get enough gametime to show his worth and to keep boosting his development. As he is only nineteen years old he still has his future ahead of him and if he is patience enough and works hard enough he will turn into a very useful team for most Eredivisie clubs.

The last two transfer are getting a special mention. I am going to start with Bjørn Erik Bilstad because for me he is the signing of the season together with Branco van den Boomen. This eighteen year old Norwegian defender has the attributes for a first team player. But he will play his matched in our B-team for the time being. I believe in the fact that every player needs some time to settle into the club, into the new country they are living in and into the fact that he has left his family and now has to make it on his own. This transfer is a big one for FC Volendam and i can’t wait to see how good Bilstad will be eventually.

Bjørn Erik Bilstad

Former AFC Ajax midfielder Branco van den Boomen also signed a contract with us and i was estatic when this happened. He is a real catch for our club and i was extremely happy when he decided to sign a contract with us. This player can play in every decent club subtop club out there. I really do not understand why a bigger club hasn’t picked him up yet but that was good news for us. I am gonna build my team around this playmaker because i expect big things coming from him. Make no mistake people, we’ve managed to sign a starplayer for one and a half million euro’s!!!

Branco van den Boomen


I am really happy with the team that i have at my disposal here at FC Volendam. Going into my third season with the club means i really want to start hunting for silverware. So far the club has been overachieving each season and i hope we won’t stop doing that now. This season i am giving a lot of chances to decent youth players like Eric Esséus, Gyani Manuel and Yaniv Tsarfarti. I can only hope that these lads will grab the chance(s) they get and i am also curious to see how their development is going to be this season.

Issam El Maach GK 22 MAR
Nordin Bakker GK 24 NED
Stan Zoetebier GK 21 NED
Richard Nartey DC 23 ENG
Marco Tol DC 24 NED
Micky van de Ven DC 21 NED
Gyani Manuel DR 19 NED
Mathias Bossaerts DC/DR 25 BEL
P. Ekwah Elimby DC/DM 20 FRA
Godfried Roemeratoe DR/DM/MC 22 NED
Mauro Savastano DL 25 NED
Gijs Smal DL 24 NED
Mohamed Betti DR/DL 25 NED
Django Warmerdam DL/ML 26 NED
Quinten Timber DM/MC 20 NED
Branco van den Boomen DM/MC 26 NED
Wilson Altamirano DM/MC 24 ARG
Arturas Zulpa DM/MC 31 LTU
Wessel Dammers DC/DM/MC 27 NED
Jari Vlak MC/AMC 23 NED
Yaniv Tsarfati MC/AMC 18 ISR
Wilkins Afriyie DR/AMR 19 NED
Eris Esséus AMR/S 19 SWE
Dany Mota S 24 POR
Paulo Vitor AMLR/S 22 BRA
Carlos Rivas AMRL/S 28 COL
Roy Tol AMR 23 NED


I feel very confident and happy after all the transfers that we’ve been doing. We were able to say goodbye to a few deadwood players and we’ve managed to get at least two starplayers to the club. And we did all this with money to spare which is a good thing for the club and will give me more space to maneuver on the transfermarket in the near future. The expectation for our upcoming season will be as high or low as they were for our previous season and that is a good thing. Because even when we have decent players, clubs like Ajax and PSV will have better players and so will most of our European opponents. For now i want to thank everybody for reading this post. Stay safe and i hope to see you back for the next one!



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