May 14, 2020 1 By r4vjez

Welcome to the second blog post of my FC Volendam savegame. In my first post i have told you why i’ve started a save with this club. In this second post we will talk about the blueprint i hope to install at ‘The Other Oranje’.


1. Club vision

The blueprint that i hope to install at FC Volendam is one where the club’s vision, my own vision and football philosophy and youth development and player scouting come together. It needs to be a solid plan from which we can measure progress (or decline). We want to be able this see so we know that the club keeps going into the right direction. As this club wants to grow into a European giant there is a lot of work to be done and it all starts with the club vision. Well as we can see on the screenshot below our board of directors have a realistic vision for this club. Their five year plan is simple, slowly work to a team that can start playing for the playoff spots. Getting promoted to the Eredivisie will be a massive boost for the club. The finances will get a massive boost once you play in the Eredivisie and FC Volendam will gain reputation which is good for bringing in better players to the club. So for now i am pleased with the five year plan as the bar is not set too high which will give me room to really change this club from top to bottom.

The board has presented their five year plan for FC Volendam

2. My own vision and philosophy

It is safe to say that my vision on football has been soaked with the AFC Ajax DNA. I have been a fan of this club for ages now and that is for a big part thanks to my father. He has been an Ajax fan all his life. During my years growing up i’ve watched Ajax win the Champion League in 1995 and lose the final in 1996 against a doped up Juventus. But not only Ajax has affected my vision and philosophy about football. Managers like Johan Cruyff, Louis van Gaal, Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola are all managers who had the knowledge and the skill to get their teams to play in a certain way. Entertaining, attacking and dominant football is what i love to see on the pitch from any team. But i also loved how they were able to managed their players off the pitch. To be clear i don’t have much with managers like Jose Mourinho. Even though i respect him for the amount of prizes he has managed to win, the style of play from his teams is something i really dislike.

So when we translate this to Football Manager 2020 it will be pretty simple to explain. I want to develop my own tactical style which i am going to call the Naranja style. Yes, i am using my alter ego Pablo Naranja in this savegame with FC Volendam. By creating my own tactical style i hope to bring a lot of succes to The Other Oranje. How am i going to create my own tactical style? I am going to create three different type of formations which i can play with the eleven players on the pitch. By looking at attributes instead of only favoured roles, tasks and positions my team will be much more flexible in every game. As we are able to change our formation or our approach on the fly no opponent will know exactly what to expect against my team. I understand that this is going to be quite a lot of work but i really love the challenge and i hope to succeed in this adventure.

3. Youth development

One of the key factors for any club on having succes is having a good youth academy. By developing your own talents and moulding them into first team players you are able to strenghten the club’s financial position. Next to the fact that you are able to steer any player’s development from day one and you can really form them to fit into your playstyle. During the first few season to come i will implement a lot of changes in the members of staff and into our facilities as well. Everything needs to grow into a topsport climate in any layer of the club. If we are able to achieve this then we can take the final step in conquering the world of football. But before we get to that a lot of things have to be done. A club needs to keep evolving because once you miss the boat, you will be left behind and that is not a good thing.

4. Scouting

Not only a good youth academy will bring a club succes. Also a very good scouting network is very important. Sure we want to grow our own academy players into first team players but it is also good to get players from other teams and countries into our academy. That is why we will keep searching around the world to find the best talents with the biggest potential. As soon as FC Volendam it’s finances are growing we will be able to bring these talents to our beloved fishermans village. Our goal is to bring them into our academy as young as possible so we can get the most out of their development according to our vision and philosophy here at the club.

5. Facilities

Another important thing is to have state of the art facilities.  Currently our facilities are average to good but i really want to get them to the highest level as possible. This means that whenever i get the chance i will ask the board to upgrade our facilities. The quicker we are able to do this the better it will be for the club. Having state of the art facilities will be the blueprint for the entire club. When you can train, play, eat, sleep and develop yourself at the highest level the better you will become in what you are doing. This also goes for every person in the world of football and it will be a pivotal factor for our succes here at FC Volendam.

6. Realism

I wanted to stop typing after my fifth point but i do believe that this sixth point is very important as well. By having people at the club (especially in the board of directors) who can have a realistic view on the progress at the club everything will go as it should. But when you have impatient people who want to try and speed everything up we will fail and our mission here at FC Volendam will come to an early end. Everybody at the club needs to be realistic about the goals we will be setting, we need to critise our failures (when we don’t meet our goals) and we need to analyse (realistically) what went wrong and what we need to improve. This will be very important because it is better to take baby steps then rush into things. Rushing into things is never a good idea unless you work at the fire department and you need to help somebody avoiding certain death.

our beloved Kras Stadium


As you can see i have a nice plan in place for this savegame on how i want to grow FC Volendam into a big European club. If this is really something i can actually achieve with The Other Oranje is something that we will find out given time. I hope everybody who has taken the time to read this post has loved it. In my next post i will show you the goals and rules and restrictions that we have set for our first season in charge at FC Volendam.

Kind regards,