Welcome to another The Blue Army Football Manager 2020 instalment. In my previous post i have shown you the tactical intentions that i have with Chelsea FC during season one. In this post i will talk about the players that i have at my disposal and anything else that comes up while i am typing.


Last week i’ve been reading quite a few Football Manager articles and one of them was really interesting. As i’ve written before i am going to use a different approach regarding how i will be building my squads each season. Where i usually try to build a young team which can last for years i want to include more older (veteran) players into my team in this savegame. @FM Grasshopper wrote a very interesting article about why your squad needs older players and i urge everybody to read it. The things he points out are very useful and familiar and i will be using three out of five of his pointers in this savegame. First of all i want to use older players for mentoring the younger players, secondly i will be using them for their experience and consistency especially in big matches and last but not least i will also try to use them for their player traits if they have any.

One of the first things that i’ve done when i started my savegame with The Blues has been looking at the players that the club currently has. The club has a pretty decent mix of young talents, players in their twenties and a few older players, the so called veterans. As i do not want to keep hold of every veteran player there currently is i have selected three players which contract i wanted to renew. But as the club vision states i can only give players over the age of 30 a one year deal. So this meant that i have given Willian, Olivier Giroud and Pedro the same type of contract. Each of them got a new one year deal which included a clause that if they played fifteen games the contact would automatically be extended for one more year. As two ouf of the three accepted this deal i was really happy. Only Pedro would not agree with his new contract and so he will be leaving Chelsea at the end of season one. As we have a transferban i am not gonna let him leave at this moment. We will look what is possible during the winter transfer window and otherwise he will leave on a free transfer at the end of the season.

The second thing that i’ve done after analysing the team and sorting out contract for the veteran players was looking at possible weak players. What do i mean with weak players? Weak player for me are players that are injury prone or who do not enjoy big matches. As we play in the Premier League, the Champions League and several cup tournaments we will be playing quite a lot of games during the season. Every injury prone player we have will get injured quite often which is bad for the team in general. I always make sure that i have at least two players that can play in a certain position with a youth prospect as back-up. But when an injury prone player get’s injured all the time the other player(s) will have to play much more games which is not good for them. So to avoid these situations i checked all of my player their coach reports and found only one injury prone player. The 26 year old Antonio Rüdiger is an injury prone player and if it was up to me he would be gone as quick as possible. But as i wanted to create some interaction with people who actually follow this story i placed a poll on Twitter.

As you can clearly see most people out of the 27 that actually voted agreed with my decision to sell Rüdiger. But as with Pedro his situation i will keep Rüdiger at the club for now until i am able to get a replacement in. The team currently has only four central defenders so i can’t really miss any of them just yet. And i will not risk our entire season on selling somebody too early while having no replacement.


Another thing that i have taken care off since i took over at Chelsea FC is the training bit. As i want a tad of realism in my savegame i have taken over the first team general and individual training. The general training for the under 23 and under 18 teams has been delegated to the teammanagers. I have taken over the individual training for our youngsters as i want to train them in the roles that i need for the tactic i am using. Well to be honest that is not exactly true. I am training my players on an individual basis in the role that spreads cross the most attributes but still connects with the role a player is playing in my tactic. For example, i am using a deep lying playmaker in my tactic so the players that i see fit for that position are alle trained as roaming playmakers. Just because when you select the roaming playmaker as individual role a player will train more attributes and that is what i want.

When you select the deep lying playmaker role at training these attributes are affected

When you select the roaming playmaker role all of these attributes are affected

As you can see on the screenshots above the roaming playmaker has more attributes that are affected by training in that role then the deep lying playmaker. I do the same thing with my defenders which are all trained as ball playing defenders, my full backs which are all trained as complete wingbacks and my strikers who are all getting trained as complete strikers. The only players i do not do this with are my wingers. I want to train them in their specific roles as they need to be the ones that add something extra to the them and our attacks. So i train them in their strongest role which is linked to their position, role and duty within my tactical system.


It was fun writing this post. I just did it completely off the top of my head and that was different but really fun to do. I hope everybody has enjoyed reading this post. I am however really curious how you guys set up your training so make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts, tips and tricks regarding this part of Football Manager. Thanks for reading, stay safe and in the next post we will be taking a look at how season one went.