Welcome to my newest The Blue Army Football Manager 2020 instalment. In my previous post we have taken a look at all season one statistics. In this post we will be taking a look at my youth development intake during season one. And we will also find out how the Brexit is going to affect this savegame (or not!).


As Chelsea is a topclub our facilities here at the club are topnotch. But as everybody knows this does not always lead to a decent youth intake. A lot more factors need to be taken into consideration before a good youth intake will happen. The head of Youth Development or so called HOYD here at Chelsea is the 51 year old Neil Bath. As you can see at the screenshot below his attributes are very decent for a HOYD. Combined with state of the art training, data and youth facilities we have a very good mix to get good youth intakes. However the only thing that is not on the same level as all other factors is our youth recruitment. It is currently at excellent so i will try to improve that as soon as possible. For me Neil Bath suits his role perfectly as i am using a gegenpress tactic. And as Neil Bath his tactical style is also gegenpress that fits perfectly together.

Neil Bath his attributes

I guess using a topclub comes with it’s perks as my first season youth intake has been pretty decent. As you can see at the screenshot below we’ve gotten three players with three and a half star potential. I know that this is nowhere near a golden generation but for now i am happy with these three players. All the two star youngsters also have gotten a contract for the next two seasons. Like with scouting and coach reports the amount of stars in Football Manager 2020 never tell the whole story. In another post i will explain how i look at the stars so for now we will dive into the new additions themselves.

Three nice players who might even make it into the first team in the future


The first youth prospect we will be taking a closer look at is the seventeen year old Callum Ball. I guess he has an appropriate name for a striker because that is what he is. His favourite role and duty are advanced forward attacking and most of his decent attributes tell that he will grow into one eventually. But as i do not use an advanced forward in my tactics currently he will be trained as a complete forward with the support duty. This will help him grow on most of his attributes all across the board. It will also give this young lad a chance to grow into a fine striker who will help us win silverware in the future.

My plans with Callum Ball:

  • ┬áTrain him as an complete forward on support duty
  • He will play his first season in the U18 team
  • He will play his second season in the U23 team
  • He will be loaned out in this third season at the club
  • Will get a chance in the first team (age 20) – if he makes it good, if not he will either move on a loanspell or get’s sold (depends on his development at that time)


Our second youth prospect we will be taking a closer look at is the seventeen year old Adrian Douglas. He is in my opinion the golden boy from this youth intake. When i look at his attributes his are by far the best out of the three decent youth prospects. In Douglas i see a new Azpilicueta. What i mean with that is in my opion Douglas will be our new left back for years to come. Sure he will need to develop a bit but with his determined personality, our coaching staff and facilities i expect this lad to grow into a world class left back.

My plans with Adrian Douglas:

  • Train him as a complete wingback (left) on support duty
  • He will play his first season in the U18 team
  • He will play his second season in the U23 team
  • He will be promoted to the first team in season three (if he develops well enough)
  • If his development has not turned out as expected he will be loaned out for a season to aid his development and experience -> he will replace Emerson and Azpilicueta somewhere down the line


Our last youth prospect we will be taking a look at is the seventeen year old Samuel Bassey. This young attacking midfielder has okay attributes for his age. But he will need some serious development if he wants to make it into the first team eventually. As i am not using an attacking midfielder in my tactic this young lad will be trained as an inverted winger with an attack duty. This is one of his preferred and favourite roles and duties. I also like the fact that he has no preferred foot and can use both of them very well.

My plans with Samuel Bassey:

  • ┬áTrain him as an inverted winger with the attack duty
  • He will play his first season in the U18 team
  • During season two and three i will send him to our affiliate club Vitesse where he can develop further and gain match experience
  • After his loanspells i expect him to be ready to jump into the first team and fight for a spot there


As you can see at the screenshots below our Brexit has been pretty easy. There will be a new work permit system but all current European players who are already playing in the United Kingdom will be getting a special status which will treat them as non-foreign. But every European player that i want to sign after 31st December 2020 will be seen as a foreigner. Luckily we will have a 17-foreign player limit so we will be able to buy/sign more then enough players in the future. Even though this Brexit is not hard, it will affect the way we will be scouting for new players. It will also affect our incoming transfers and perhaps even our outgoing transfers.


Thanks again for reading another instalment. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. In my next instalment we will be taking a look at our season two transfers. I’ve done more transfers then expected but that has a lot to do with something the board has changed in our club’s vision. I will show all of this in my next post. For now stay safe and i hope you will return once my new post comes out.



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