Welcome to another instalment of The Blue Army Football Manager 2020 series with Chelsea FC. In my previous post we’ve talked about our unbeaten season without winning the Premier League title. In this post we will look at how the players have performed during this season. Because even without winning the Premier League we still had an awesome season. Winning three prizes, finishing in second place in the Premier League and reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League is a very decent accomplishment for any team. Now let’s dive into the statistics of the team that achieved all of this. Who has been a hero and who has been a zero?


As everybody knows Chelsea had a transferban at the start of this savegame. This meant that i could not buy any players until the end of 2019. Sadly this also meant that i had to play this season with Kepa Arrizabalaga and Willy Caballero. Let me be very clear upfront, i really do not like both of these goalkeepers. Chelsea was a topclub in England that is trying to get back to that level. In my opinion Kepa is not a top ten goalkeeper and if i had the chance i would replace him without the blink of an eye. But as most top ten goalkeepers cost a ton of money i will have to do with Kepa for now. During season one everything went very well for the both of us. In 38 appearances the young Spaniard has managed to get 25 clean sheets which is an awesome amount. But he played a total of 62 games and only got an average rating of 6.87 which is pretty low compared to some of his teammates. Willy only played one game for the first team in which he got an average rating of 6.80.

During the summer transfer window i will be looking to get a new goalkeeper in. Willy is leaving the club and i will need a new backup goalkeeper. Kepa has persuaded me to give him a few more chances so he will be my number one goalkeeper for season two. Unless i can get my hands on a very good goalkeeper for a cheap price, then Kepa will be in trouble. But as i agreed with myself that i can only spend money that i receive from selling players i doubt i will find a decent goalkeeper for a cheap price.


With only seventeen goals against in 38 games in the Premier League my defense has performed outstandingly. It was amazing to see how at times these guys managed to lock out our opponents. Every chance we gave away was sometthing our opponents had to work for very hard. I was amazed the most about Reece James his performance during this season. This 20 years old wonderkid was my best defender this season. With twelve assists and an average rating of 7.22 he has been very important to our success. Another player that has been performing outstandingly is the 22 year old Fikayo Tomori. He has been forming my central defensive duo with Kurt Zouma most of the time and these two worked together perfectly. Tomori managed to score seven goals and gave two assists where Zouma only scored two goals and gave one assists. Our captain César Azpilicueta did not play every game this season but when he was on the pitch he was always dangerous for our opponents. His ten assists confirm his status within the squad as well as his versatility. Being used as a left-/ and rightback he still performed very well. And i hope i can keep a hold of him during the summer window. Several clubs are showing interest in the 30 year old but he still has a future here at Chelsea. It will be a tough battle to keep him at the club but i firmly believe we can offer him plenty of challenges for the next few years.


As my team has managed to score 90 goals during this Premier League it is safe to say that we were on fire at times. A big part of that success has been the midfielders. When you look at all of their numbers on the screenshot below you know immediately what i mean. Youngster Mason Mount has really be leading the charge this season. Scoring eleven goals and giving eighteen assists was really good. With an average of 7.30 he was also my best performing midfielder within the team. The only player from this part of the team that has let me down a bit was Ross Barkley. He is a very decent and experience player but somehow he never really fitted into my tactic. Another part in his lesser performances are the top performances from Mateo Kovacic, Jorginho and N’Golo Kanté who all performed very well. For Ruben Loftus-Cheek next season is going to be very important. He was out for most of the season with an injury so he did not play much this season. I still have a firm belief in his potential and abilities so next season he will have to prove he is good enough to stay at the club.


Where my midfielders played in integral part in our successful season my attackers did as well. But when you look at the numbers some have been performing not that good. Tammy Abraham was my top performer this season on the attackng side of things. He scored 26 goals in nearly 56 matches which gave him the Chelsea topscorer title. In the Premier League only Sergio Agüero scored more goals then our Tammy. Christian Pulisic and Pedro also pulled their weight but i expected much more from Olivier Giroud and Willian. These two veteran players are very experienced and they should’ve stepped up more frequently. Callum Hudson-Odoi had a decent season in the first team. This young wonderkid showed his class at times but needs to work on becoming more consistent in his performances. This is something we will be focusing and working on during the next season. Yussuf Poulsen came over during the winter transfer window. Due to the excellent performing Abraham he did not play as much as i expected when i bought him. I will be looking to change things up tactically so i will have the option of playing with two strikers in the next season.


Goal Times

When you look at the screenshot below you can see exactly during which periods of each game we’ve managed to score. My team has been the most effective between the 31st and 45th minute. Scoring nineteen goals during that period in our matches is the highest amount. But it is also the period where we concede most goals together with the period between the 61st and 75th minute. I also love the fact that we are capable of scoring goals very early in our matches or very late and that we hardly concede any goals during those periods.

Goal Types

By far most of the goals we score are placed shots. This is also by far the most type of goal that we concede. Our powerful shots and headers also have a nice amount of goals scored but next season i want to improve on this. As i’ve stated earlier i am gonna change things up on the tactical side of things. I want more diversity in our attackes and i want to be able to surprise our opponents. So i will build two more tactics which i can use with our main tactic with all eleven players on the pitch. This way we can keep surprising our opponents and keep them guessing.

Goal Assists

This little stat is my personal favourite. It gives you so many information about your teams strengths and weaknesses. As you can see at the screenshot below we score most of our goals from crosses. A quarter of our goals get scored after a cross even when i do not even play with wingers. I guess this has a lot to do with the wingbacks that i am using combined with my inside forwards. Reece James and César Azpilicueta both have a fair amount of assists. For me as a manager it is nice to see that this is working like a charm. This means that i will try to utilise this even more during the next season. Corners, Free Kicks and Through Balls also are important to the team. So by the looks of it my tactical choices have been turning out quite well.

Clear-Cut Chances

Last but not least we will be taking a look at our Clear-Cut Chances. We’ve managed to convert 68% of our clear-cut chances this season which in my opinion is very decent. But on the other hand our opponents have managed to convert 73% of their clear-cut chances against us. I knew in advance that my high press tactic would cause some issues somewhere down the line. And it is clear to see that this is the area where we need to start improving. One of the things i am looking at is replacing our goalkeeper when and if i get the chance. Kepa is a decent goalkeeper but not a top goalkeeper and i will be looking for a goalkeeper who can win more points for the team. I will also need to figure out how we can stop our opponents from converting so many clear-cut chances into goals. But who am i to complain when my team only conceded seventeen goals in 38 Premier League matches!?


We’ve had very decent season where most players have been performing very well. By looking at all of these statistics i can now start preparing the team for season two. I want to address most weaknesses that are currently within the team and/or tactic without losing any of our strenghts. This will be quite the challenge but i know i will be up for the task. I want to thank everybody who has taken the time to read this post. In my next post we will be taking a look at our season one youth intake as well as how the Brexit is going to affect this savegame (or not).




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