Welcome to my second post from my The Blue Army Football Manager 2020 series. For quite some time i have been thinking about what i actually wanted to post. Would i do something completely new? Or would i stick to my normal routine and drum up in the same order as i have been doing with my The Other Oranje story so far. All i knew was that i wanted to do something different this time. So the first thing that i am doing is naming every post i bring out after a title song. This is somethig completely new for me and so i had to think hard about which title song i would name this actual post. Eventually i came out at let’s get this party started because this is the post that kick starts it all.


Before we can dive into this savegame any deeper i felt the need to introduce the manager i am going to use at Chelsea FC. Meet 36 year old Justin Case. He was born in Dover and when he was a young child he lived a few years in Amsterdam. The rest of his life he spend living in a Camdentown near the London Zoo. Now i could hang up a some bullshit made up story about how he used to play football but an injury ruined his career.  But i am not going to do that because i do not feel it is really important or adds any value to this story. I am however going to tell you what kind of person Justin Case is and why i have chosen him over Pablo Naranja (my other FM alter-ego) for this specific job.

Justin case standing in the Chelsea FC dressing room

Where Pablo Naranja is a flamboyant person and manager who likes to put people under pressure to get what we wants Justin Case is more quiet and laidback. I guess you can compare him a lot with Pep Guardiola. Justin Case eats, sleeps an breathes football. Every second of every day he is busy with his beloved game. From developing training schematics to reading scouting reports to analysing player reports or watching old games. Everything he does has some sort of connection with football. Back in highschool people called him an analytical and tactical person who was quiet but always knew what he was talking about. When push came to shove Justin Case would talk you into the ground without even blinking an eye. And for me especially that last quality is why i wanted to use him in this savegame. I can really picture the heated discussions between Roman Abramovic and Justin Case. Both want to have things their way and where Abramovic can wave his chequebook, Justin Case will use his brain and his words. With his brain as his biggest weapon Justin Case is a nice match for Roman Abramovic and i think this partnership will either work like a charm or will burn into flames real quick.

The human brain can be a powerful tool when used correctly


Now that you know more about Justin Case it is time to write something more Football Manager related. At the screenshot below you can see the club culture at Chelsea in Football Manager 2020. Almost everything on that list is completely in line with what i aim to achieve here with The Blues. In this savegame i want to develop young players which i can actually do pretty well as our facilities are all state of the art. I want to lay down an attacking but possession style of football philosphy where i will mix quite a lot of stuff from real life head coached that i admire. Signing players under the age of 22 is acceptable as well as i will be hunting the globe for youngsters which i can develop into world class players. Football always has to be entertaining otherwise you can not call it football. The way José Mourinho makes his teams play is something i really dislike. If i wanted to park the bus i would have become a bus driver but as i am not i do not want my team to do that either. So expect this Chelsea to play more like Pep Guardiola or Jürgen Klopp their teams. Attacking, dominating while entertaining the crowd. Last but not least we have to sign high reputation players. I completely disagree with this and this is something i hope to change within the next few seasons. I want this club to bring forth high-reputation players and not buy them from other clubs. The only exception i will be making is for Timo Werner at the end of season one because i like to have a more realistic team. Together with Ziyech he will probably be the only high-reputation player that will come to this club. So at the end of season one i will try to negotiate that out of the club’s culture and if i don’t succeed i will try to find a way around it.

The current club culture at Chelsea is like i how to see it for the most part


As @fmFutbolManager recently tweeted about how he uses veteran players in his savegame by retraining them into useful positions i will be looking to do something similar. Usually i get rid off players that are 30 years or older but in this savegame i want to try to make them useful to the team. By looking at their attributes that are still good and then i hope to find a suitable role and duty so i can retrain them into playing there. This will give an extra dimension to the savegame for myself because i will also be looking for older veteran players that i can sign. And as a bonus i hope to add players who end their career at Chelsea to my members of staff so i will be looking at that as well when i try to sign a veteran player. So when these veterans hang up their boots i hope i can say that the phrase ‘Old but Gold’  applied to them and that they gave it a completely new dimension.


I truely believe that all the above bullshit has been more then enough for now. Everything i wanted to share up until now has been shared. In my next post i will try to outline what i want to achieve tactically with Chelsea in this savegame. But if something else pops into my head before i write that post it might become a completely different post. For now i hope you all can stay safe, thanks for reading and i hope you all come back for the next post once it comes out.



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