Welcome to a new Football Manager 2020 series called ‘The Blue Army’. Rest assured about the fact that my The Other Oranje series will continue as well on my blog. But i felt that i needed a second savegame next to that one. After i released a poll on Twitter with a few clubs i would love to manage the voted ended in a tie. Tottenham and Chelsea were the teams that got the same amount of votes. After that i asked my Twitter followers which club i should take and as @RevacholGaming was the only one that responded the choice was pretty simple. My new club is going to be Chelsea FC and there is nothing that anybody can really do about this. You all had the chance and you did not take it so here we go!!!

As most people know The Blues have a transfer ban until the end of 2019. This means this savegame has an extra challenge from the start as i am not able to buy new players. I will however will try to get Timo Werner to the club at the end of my first season if this transfer is really going to happen in real life as well. For the record, i really do not like to spend a lot of money in my Football Manager savegames as i usually spend my time on developing my own players. That is exactly what i will be doing in this savegame as well. The transferban actually suits me perfectly at this point in time. It forces me to use the players we currently have and it also gives us the opportunity to scout around the world for young talents.

For me personally having a savegame with this club is actually something i never thought about doing. Ever since Abramovic took over the club and started slapping million’s around to buy players i disliked the club. My support in England has been for several clubs over the years such as Manchester United (Sir Alex rules), Tottenham Hotspur (Ajax affiliate) and at the moment Liverpool (Klopp is awesome). But for me it just never ever was going to be Chelsea! Why did all of this change? That has all come down to one person who has given this club a new face and reputation. I guess most Chelsea fans know who i am talking about because i am talking about Frank James Lampard. Back in the day i really loved Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard. Why you ask? Because these players gave everything for their club every day of their life. Blood, sweat and tears have been poured into their clubs and as soon as Chelsea hired Frank Lampard as their manager i knew things were going to change. He will bring passion, loyalty and an incredible drive to win games and titles to the club and that is exactly what i hope to do in my FM20 save with Chelsea as well. Let’s hope i can bleed blue very quickly because that will give this savegame just that little something extra for me and you to enjoy.


As i do no want to make this introduction post too long i want to thank everybody that has taken the time to read it. In my next post i will dive into the club’s vision and how it fits or doesnt fit my own thoughts about this savegame. For now i hope everybody will stay safe and healthy and make sure to check in on my blog regularly so you stay up to date.