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In modern football set pieces are becoming more and more important. This also goes for people who want to be successful in Football Manager 2020. In an earlier guide i’ve written about my defensive corner setup and in this post we will be taking a look at my offensive corner setup. Now let me be very clear upfront, this corner setup is in no way an exploit. It will not generate a crazy amount of goals. It does however give me between ten to fifteen goals a season and even more rebound goals and penalties. So i am very happy with the way this routine is working for my teams. I hope this will do the same for you gus so let’s dive into my setup.


As you can see at the screenshot below my setup is pretty simple. Four players are staying back, two players hang around the edge of the box, three players are actually in the box and another player is an option for a short corner.The delivery off the ball is at the far post so make sure to get somebody in that position who is good at heading and has a decent technique attribute for volleys etc. Now let’s break things down from here.

Three players staying back

The threeplayers that are staying back are my smallest and quickest players on the team. It is their job to neutralize any possible counter-attack from our opponents. I really do not want to get caught off guard in these type of situations so this setup is pretty defensively. On the screenshot you see four players but one of them is the actual corner kick taker.

Two players near the edge of the area

These two players have the capabilities to score from long range or recover the ball as soon as it comes out of the box. For the LOA (Lurking Outside Area) midfielder the attributes finishing, long shots, first touch, passing, technique and decisions are important. For the midfielder who attacks the ball from the edge of the area the attributes jumping reach, strength, heading, off the ball, anticipation and finishing are important.

Short corner option

The short corner option is really only there to lure a defender away from the box. The less crowded it is in the box the higher the chances that one of my players is able to score a goal or to cause havoc in the penalty area. In case the ball somehow does end up with this player the following attributes are important, crossing, dribbiling, passing, technique, anticipation and decisions. If your player has these attributes around fifteen or higher he will be able to either give a good cross or dribble into the box hoping to get fouled. Getting a free kick or penalty out of those situations can be very valuable.

Three players in the box

I have opted for three players in the box. One who attacks the near post, one who attacks the far post and the last one marks the opponents goalkeeper. For the player who attacks the near post the following attributes are important, jumping reach, strength, heading, off the ball, bravery, finishing and decisions. At first this person is nothing but a distraction from the player who is attacking the far post. But once the ball doesn’t go in he can convert a rebound when and if the chance arises. The player that is marking the keeper needs to screen him to make sure his vision is taken away as much as possible. His important attributes are the following, jumping reach, strength, heading, off the ball, bravery, finising and decisions. Besides marking the goalkeeper he will also need to make trouble in the area when and if the ball doesn’t go in and turns into a rebound opportunity. Last but not least we have the player who is attacking the far post. His most important attributes are the same as the player who is attacking the near post. Big difference here is this needs to be you best suitable player for this position and task. As every corner you get will be aimed at him and he needs to be able to convert these corners into goals. So his jumping reach, heading and strength attributes need to be as high as possible.


Below i have a few example off how this offensive corner routine actually works. I have tried to find different types of goals we score from this routine. Just to make it clear that this routine works in different ways depending on your own team and players but also depending on how your opponent sets themselves up.


As you can see in the three clips above off the ball movement combined with good jumping reach and heading is very important for this corner setup to be successful. I know that quite a few headers go over the bar or end up in the opponents goalkeeper his hands. But all in all i am very satsified with how this corner setup is performing. Thanks again for reading one of my posts. Stay safe and i hope you will be back for the next one!




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