Dear reader,

My name is Ralph aka The Gaming Dad. I have been a gamer since i can remember. Back in the good old days i used to play games on my Atari, Nintendo 64, Sega, Nintendo (classic) and after that on the computer. I have created this website because i want to share my Football Manager adventures with other gamers out there.

In my daily life i am married and a proud father of my son and daugther who are the most important things in my life! I sincerely hope that i can entertain everybody that takes the time to visit my website.

The games i currently play are Football Manager (FM20) on the computer, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legend and The Division 2 on my Playstation 4. Everything that i post and write on this website are my own views and opinions. This website is not endorsed by Ubisoft or Sports Interactive Games and is intended for entertainment purposes only.

If you want to get in touch with me then please fill out the form on the contact page or DM me on Twitter.