DIVISION 2 | “Polarity Switch” Global Event

DIVISION 2 | “Polarity Switch” Global Event

March 27, 2020 1 By r4vjez

Hello my fellow Agents!

As a new season of content has started since the launch of the Warlords of New York expansion for The Division 2 came out Ubisoft has now launched the “Polarity Switch” Global Event. During this event the game now has certain modifiers added to it which makes everything pretty different.

When you activate the Polarity Switch Event in your settings (this can only be done in a safe zone) both your guns as well as your opponents will now have either a blue or a yellow mark. Whenever you want to shoot (or kill) an enemy your polarity needs to match the enemy you are trying to kill. This means that when your gun has a yellow circle, you can only shoot enemies that have a yellow circle above their heads. When you shoot at the right enemy nothing happens BUT when you hit an enemy with a blue circle above his head while your weapon is yellow you will get electrified for a few seconds. As you can see this “Polarity” event will add something extra to the game.

In the short clip below you can exactly see how it works. At 0.37 seconds in this clip you can see what happens when your Polarity doesn’t match with the current enemy you are shooting at.

Personally i do not like this event that much because i see too many people lowering their level to get the daily objectives. For me this game is all about playing on the highest level possible and i will not lower my level just to complete it and get a reward out of it. I did however lowered my level to make this short Youtube video for you guys. But at the end of the day like every other Agent i will battle through this and I hope the rewards you get for completing the Polarity missions each day are good because otherwise this Global Event has been a waste of my time.