DIVISION 2 | North East League Event

DIVISION 2 | North East League Event

April 8, 2020 2 By r4vjez

Hi Agents!

Yesterday Title Update 8.5 came out and at the same time Ubisoft has launched the North East League Event. In this event you have to several missions and time challenges to gain ranks. After a few ranks you will get rewards and at the end there is an Exotic Cache waiting for you guys! I wish all Agents a happy and succesful grind.


Now that the Polarity Switch event has ended it is time for a new Event for all Agents. The North East League Event will have you fight the Hyena’s. As you can see on the screenshot below the missions for this event are quite funny. In order for you to get to rank 60 you will need to do the following thing.


  • District Union Arena on Challenging
  • Jefferson Trade Center on Challenging
  • Grand Washington Hotel on Challenging
  • DARPA Research Lab on Heroic


You will also need to disorient Hyena Members and the more you get the better. I believe every stage you go through the amount of Hyena’s you need to disorient goes up with ten or twenty. I really like this bit because you have to shoot the small green pouch in order to get them disorientated and this will bring you lots of frustration and funny moments. Me and a few clan members went on doing this last night and we really had a blast. Next to the disorientating thing you also need to do several Hyena Bounties. Everytime you complete a certain amount you will gain a rank en eventually you will get rewarded with different type of caches.

At the screenshot you can see all the missions that you need to do during this North East League Event


The grind during this NorthEast League Event will reward you with a cache every six stages you unlock. The type of caches can differ from NAMED ITEM CACHES, SEASON CACHES, RECALIBRATION CACHES and eventually when you make it to stage 52 you can get the EXOTIC CACHE!! Your last reward will be the Hyena Tagger which you can select in the Apparel section as a trinket to hang on your backpack. For me personally i am looking forward to grind until i get the exotic cache. It is in my eyes the easiest way to get an exotic. But you never know which Exotic you get and the rolls on it are random as well so that is the downside of getting Exotic’s this way.

The rewards during these type of events are pretty good

I wish all Agents a happy grind and i can only hope that you get out of this North East League Event that i have been getting which is loads of fun and pretty decent rewards. Keep the peace and stay safe Agents.

Until the next time!