DIVISION 2 | My Views On How To Revamp The Game

DIVISION 2 | My Views On How To Revamp The Game

April 16, 2020 1 By r4vjez

Hi there Agents,

The past few weeks i have been thinking a lot about The Division 2. I certainly enjoy playing the game solo and with clanmates. But i do feel the need for change and i do not mean the changes Ubisoft are putting in right now. I am aiming for a revamp of The Division 2. In this post i will take you through my views and thoughts on how Ubisoft should revamp The Division 2 to make it more enjoyable and balanced.

I have been working on this revamping post for several weeks now. I was waiting for the right time to bring it out due to various reasons. One of these reasons is Title Update 9 from which it is unclear at this point which changes are actually coming to The Division 2. But i have decided not to wait on TU9 to come out and just release this post as soon as i got it finished. And that is exactly the reason why you can start reading about my thoughts and views on how The Division 2 needs to be revamped right now! I really would appreciate if you would leave a comment at the bottom with what you think about this post and my ideas because i want to try and get Ubisoft to read this post as well. Okay Agents, strap yourself in because here we go!


I will post several categories below where i will post my ideas and i sincerely hope you Agents and the rest of The Division 2 community are going to like this.


In my opinion the current rewards for grinding or farming a certain area or level are quite disappointing. When i am running Heroic’s with my clanmates we do not want to see PURPLE loot, we want to see the YELLOW/GOLD loot or even EXOTIC bits and pieces. So the rewards and quality of the loot needs to be scaled to the difficulty of the level or mission you are currently playing. It is perfectly okay when i am running around in the open world to come across some purples. But when i am doing tougher missions on a higher level it is totally unacceptable to get those types of loot. And i really do feel that purples should never drop on HEROIC or LEGENDARY missions at all! By revamping it as described above Agents will be grinding their asses off because the rewards will make up for all the time you have to put into it. Currently you can be so disappointed when you’ve been grinding for quite some time, you select your Inventory and you only find unusable gear pieces, mods and weapons. When we are doing HIGH END CONTENT, we acutally want HIGH END LOOT/REWARDS !!


Named items shouldn’t be dropping from random NPC’s or bosses at all. What really needs to happen is when you beat a Named Boss you receive a blueprint like when you are doing Control Points. By going to your CRAFTING STATION you can then start crafting these Named items. By using the targeted loot system you know which Names Boss to farm in order to get the desired blueprint. Ubisoft really nailed this with how the items (Motherly Gloves, Send-Off Shotgun, etc.) you get from doing all of the specialization missions can be crafted on completion of all of these missions. This way the CRAFTING STATION will have more use for us Agents as well! And we also have to farm for resources more often then we are doing now. Here is just a small example on how frustrating the current grind for names items can be.

Last week i was helping a clanmate on getting the ‘Fox’s Prayer’  knee pads for several hours on the designated targeted loot area. But for some reason they just did not drop no matter what we did an tried. After a few hours we went to do the Wall Street mission in New York to farm for the BulletKing and guess what, the knee pads dropped during that mission from a random NPC. I guess every Agent who has been in the same spot like us knows how crazy, frustrated and angry you get when this stuff happens.

An example of the Named kneepads called ‘Fox’s Prayer’


Currently the crafting station hardly gets used by most Agents. As they can grind and farm for most loot on known missions you can just skip the crafting part and start grinding and farming your ass off. I do feel Ubisoft sincerely needs to revamp this part of The Division 2. The crafting station can be such a powerfulf tool combined with the Recalibration station. As soon as you get a blueprint and you have the required resources you head over to your crafting station to craft the desired item. As usual the item is not God Rolled but it can be useful when you recalibrate an attribute on it. Thus you head over to the Recalibration station and reroll one of the attributes to a more suitable one. For me there is no better felling then to craft the perfect item or recalibrate it become a perfect item. I do feel that the current way loot get’s farmed in The Division 2 is a big miss for Ubisoft as every Agent can get so much more satisfaction out of gathering resources and crafting then just running a mission fifteen times. So please revamp this part of them game Ubisoft!


Before i am getting into my own views and thought ons how EXOTICS should be working within The Division 2, here are some quotes from other Agents over at the Ubisoft Division 2 Forums.


The majority of games I’ve played over 20 years an exotic is just that. An item that requires a lot of game time but is special and when equipped makes you overpowering. I have absolutely no idea why the current team in charge that of that section of the game think otherwise. Its a bit like the graphics being 3rd generation and that part of the team saying they wanted a retro feel to the game. I wonder what players reaction would be


Exotics aren’t suppose to be one trick ponies to entertain noobs. We have those useless green gear sets for that. Exotics are suppose to be powerful items that we spend dozens or even hundreds of hours grinding to get and want to use. Take the Classic M1A for example. It is the most powerful weapon in the game right now by far and it’s just a high end. That’s what exotics are suppose to be. You’re okay with everyone using the Classic M1A but you don’t want everyone wanting to use exotics. I don’t understand this line of thought. If Exotics are meant to be weak one trick ponies then you may as well have them drop as much as the green gear sets. Give them their own targeted loot and everything.

Exotics were in a pretty good place before the WONY patch, when you decided you didn’t want people to actually want to use them anymore. You even destroyed build diversity when you ruined exotics. You took the only item in the game that made pistol builds viable and put a freaking talent on it that discourages using your pistol more than 1 shot per minute.

This game is so backwards now. High ends are the real exotics now.

Bove quotes from two other Division 2 players reflect exactly how i feel about the EXOTICS in The Division 2 right now. The whole EXOTICS bit needs a serious revamp because otherwise farming and grinding EXOTIC Gear and Weapons is becoming pretty much useless. After removing the holster talents the EXOTICS had in The Division 2 they became pretty much useless. Most Agents nowadays are running the Classic M1A DPS build and just clear missions like they are nothing. For me an exotic item should be a rare item that you get by grinding for hours and hours. After getting the item or crafting the item you would have something that would make you more powerfull or unique then without the item. I really would love to see a change in TU9 of TU10 even where EXOTICS become EXOTIC once more.

In my opinion Ubisoft needs to add an extra layer of bosses in The Division 2. Why the hell did we get The Grudge from Aaron Keener who is a bloody HIGH END BOSS and from the James Dragov mission you can get the BulletKing? That is just plainly wrong. In my opinion exotic gear and weapons need to get the same revamp as i wrote about earlier on the Named items. Every “high end big boss” (Keener, Dragov, Theo, Kajita, Wyvern, Conley, etc.) drops the blueprint, you have to gather the exotic components from somewhere else (Hyena/Oucasts/Rikers/Black Tusk/True Sons chests) and then you can craft the bloody EXOTICS. By revamping it this way the grind get’s real, the rewards will be scaled to the difficulty of the missions you have been doing and everybody will be a happy camper.

Next to my idea about the blueprints and crafting EXOTICS also need to add something special to your character or build. So either bring back the holster talents and rework them or make all of the exotic gear and weapons the most powerfull loot in the game. Otherwise it is no use to farm for them because other gear and weapons will make you more stronger and overpowering. I sincerely hope that the dev team behind The Division 2 will be looking into revamping this bit because it is such a missed oppotunity otherwise.

The Grudge should’ve been an Exotic SMG


And now we have finally come across my biggest frustration in The Division 2 and this seriously needs a revamp to keep the game alive. There currently is no build diversity to keep the game fun and challenging. When you slap on an M1A, a chest piece with Glass Canon on it and some more DPS stuff you can walk through every mission in this game. Due to the fact that you can even heal yourself or pick yourself up you don’t need a healer and if you are really good at shooting you can even use skills to do even more damage to your enemies. Read these two posts from other Agents at the Ubisoft forums, they really have a valid point on this subject in my opinion.


I made a return on an old MMO this afternoon and that immediately made me understand why there is no diversity of classes in D2 !! The main reason is simple the dps builds are far too powerful compared to the others. If I compare a dps vs healer build the difference in weapon damage is what ?! More than 90% it is normal that no class is necessary other than 4 dps to make a mission that increases the damage by about 4 x 90% = 360%

What I’ve seen in my MMO is that the dps vs healer only has about 15% more damage than the healer, which results in a much smaller spread.
If the weapon damage was 5% instead of 15% per equipment it would reduce the gap between classes a lot (40% weapon damage instead of 90) and thus the enemies would be harder to kill and it will take a tank / healer to finish a mission which would be in my opinion much more fun for the diversity of the classes, it is not necessary that there is a difference of damage of 800% between the classes if not the other classes are useless, it n isn’t there such a big difference in damage in any MMO then why is that the case in D2 ?!

As I said above I took a break from D2 and I am going to play my favorite MMO, then I went back to D2, I took my build healer (I always play healer on MMO), healing hive and mender mine. I thought to myself, this game is not fun, it does not compare to an MMO, the healing skills and talent are far too rotten. I spend my time moving my hive because the radius of heal is much too small and the allies are moving constantly because of aggressive enemies, moreover I always have to take and re-deposit my hive because in addition to the charges there is a duration of 60s which is completely ridiculous, one or the other please, the loads heal also the allied skills which is not the goal of the healing hive, the loads are much too slow, my load does not have the time to heal my ally between 2 shots. Then the mender mine is bugged it does not heal allies (I reported this bug but it is still not corrected after several months).

Talents are completely useless example: Emphatic Response: why he gives 7% weapon damage on himself with skill tier 6 ??
Why not 15% like on allies regardless of skill tier? The healing class does not already do much damage, why not 15% it will not harm the balance of the game.
Why is there not a talent that gives regeneration of armor to allies, because of this I am forced to use a load of heal at the slightest loss of life from my ally.
All the talents are to be reviewed because they are not fun this was an example out of 100. The developers are too afraid to give us powerful talent, however before the TU8 we had 6 talents and now 2, so they should logically compensate for the 6 power talents


The problem is they are trying to Make the Holy Trinity without understanding Division 2 is not an MMO.

In Holy Trinity, Each Class Archetype has its own abilities and weapons.
In Division 2 – each class does not have unique abilities.

Skill Class has All the Abilities
Tank class has all the Armor
and DPS though is supposed to have all the weapons pretty much uses M1A

They need to get a new guy that will either focus abilities for each archotype or change how skill class and Tank class operate.
There are tons of great games to take ques from.

Well for me this is exactly how The Division 2 feels right now. All gear, skills, talents and weapons are mixed up so you can build whatever you want and most of it will work. But if you really want to focus more on a teambased game then The Division 2 will need preset characters who can only use set pieces of gear, weapons, skills and talents for at least certain missions. By doing it this way people need to actually depend on different builds in order to complete high end missions. So in my opinion the games needs to split into SOLO content which you can run with our current builds and GROUP content like the Raid where you need a group of different builds to be successful. The game should lock out certain skills, talents, gear pieces and weapons so you get a DPS guy, a tank, a support and a healer in order to even start this mission or content. So yet again they keyword for Ubisoft and The Division 2 is REVAMP!!

Currently the overpowering Classic M1A META is the way to go it seems


One of the last subject i want to write about are the Green Gear Sets in The Division 2. To me these gear sets are so underpowered and that is the main reason why people are not using them. Ubisoft really needs to think hard on where they want these gear sets to fit into the game. For me this would look like the following:

1. Exotic gear and weapons – most rare and adds something special which makes you more overpowering and can be used in both SOLO and GROUP content

2. Green gear sets – should get skills, attributes and talents which are needed to create builds to use in GROUP content

3. Yellow (High End Gear) – should get skills attributes and talents which can be used in SOLO content and PVP

In my opinion this is the best way to get usage out of all gear that currently can be farmed in the game. I even believe that they need to do this with weapons as well. We have exotic and high end weapons, all they have to do is create weapons into a geen category and you will have the same usage for those weapons as you have for the gear. By doing it like this everything will get it’s own specific and unique usage in the game which will increase the rate of farming for all Agents. Because with out the correct gear and weapons you can’t play certain content.


This post has gotten way lengthier then i first thought but there was more then enough to write about. I understand that there is much more to discuss and debate about revamping stuff in The Division 2. But for me the stuff that i have written about above are the most important things that Ubisoft needs to look into and start revamping asap. I hope all of you liked my post and i hope that you will leave a comment with your thoughts on The Division 2 and what needs to be revamped. For now stay safe and keep the peace Agents!!