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Welcome to the third post in my The Other Oranje FM20 series. In this post i will talk about the goals i have for the first season and the seasons to come. And we will also take a look at the rules and restrictions (mission parameters) i am looking to implement into this savegame to keep it more interesting. Let’s get going people!


In my previous post i’ve talked about the blueprint i hope to install here at FC Volendam. If i want to be able to pull this off i need to set some goals to measure the progress we are making as a club. Our first objective which we need to complete in my first or second season at the club is getting promoted to the Eredivisie. If we are able to win promotion the club will get a huge boost both on the financial as on the sportive side of things. It will also allow us to speed up the process of developing and upgrading our facilities. As i’ve stated in my previous post, everytime i am able to upgrade my facilities i will do this. The faster we reach a higher level with all of our facilities the quicker we van develop better players for the club. Everybody who plays Football Manager knows exactly what i am talking about. Bringing youngsters through the academy into the first team can be an absolute gold mine. But first things first, getting promoted to the Eredivisie is our biggest goal for the first two seasons.

If we want to secure promotion to the Eredivisie we will need to win games. Winning games all comes down to our tactical strategy but another important factor is also the quality of the players we have at the club. So our second goal the first two or three seasons is building a team that is worthy of playing in the Eredivisie. Because after securing promotion everyhing needs to be done to avoid relegation. There is no use in becoming a yoyo between the Keuken Kampioen Divisie and the Eredivisie. By scouting, buying and developing quality players we will be able to grow as a club each season. I do understand that we are not able to find any star players very quickly but if we are smart with our scouting and smart with our finances we will be able to find decent players each year. This also means that we have to say goodbye to players that do not fit our profile. I also do not want to loan players from other clubs anymore as soon as we’ve managed to secure promotion. We will have to do it on our own as i do not want to slow the development of our own players by bringing in players on a loan spell.

After each season i will analyse the players that are currently at the club. I want to see if they still fit the profile we need in order to complete our tactical Naranja system. This will not happend during the first few seasons as during that time i am laying down the groundworks. But after a few seasons once we are a steady club in the Eredivisie we can start to work on finishing our tactical system. Every player that we have at the club or are going to bring in need to have decent attributes for technique, passing, composure, teamwork, determination and work rate. Depending on position, role or need (at any specific time) we can deviate from this. But in general these attributes are going to be the basis on which we will be developing our players. If i can find the time i will be making a template in excel so i can quickly see if a player that we want to buy is gonna fit well at the club or not.

I will also take my time on building a quality staff. We can have the best facilities in the world but when our coaches, physios and analysts suck we still won’t make much progress. That is why i will evaluate my members of staff on a yearly basis and if people do not perform they will be sacked. So every member of staff we bring on board will have a short contract for only one or two years. This way it will be easier to replace them when they do not fulfill their role as expected. Only the members of staff that are quality will get longer contracts but that will be something for the future. This way we can ensure that our player development will be going on as strong and fast as possible. Getting this set up in a proper way will be a financial life line for the club for a lot of seasons to come.


Like every other Football Manager out there i always try to come up with unique things and challenges to keep a savegame more interesting for myself. But for this savegame i really don’t want to give myself any rules or restrictions, sorry people! I just want to enjoy the games as it goes without having to think with everything i do if it’s not in conflict with any rules or restrictions. I have never been somebody who has spend a lot of money on players. I rather develop my own players and i love to scout players in the game. Whenever a new season is about to start and i need new players for my team i spend hours going through my scouting lists. So for now i see no reason to implent anything other then having fun and just playing the game. The only thing that i am going to try is something i always do. I am gonna try to build a team with a lot of domestic players or players that have come through our own youth academy. Putting FC Volendam on the map and together raise the quality of players for Holland which is quite a small country compared to others is fun and something i will try to do in this savegame.


I want to thank everybody yet again for reading one of my posts. I think my entire plan for my Volendam savegame is clear now. I want to have an enjoyable save with the focus on developing players and raising the quality at both our club and our national team. In my next post we will be taking a look at the players that i have at my disposal. We will also dive into any transfers that i have done with The Other Oranje.


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