May 20, 2020 1 By r4vjez

Welcome to yet another post here at my blog. In this post we will take a look at the players that i have at my disposal here at The Other Oranje. I will also talk about my expectations and which players i see a future for here at Volendam and which players i expect to leave in the near future. Let’s get to it!

As FC Volendam is a really small club finances are limited. So this means that i needed to look at players who wanted to come on a loan spell or who are free agents. And so the hunt for some fresh players was on and boy did we need some new players. The squad i have at my disposal from the start of the savegame i a nice squad. But as i am ambitious i seriously want to take a shot at gaining promotion in my first season here at The Other Oranje.  As you can see on the screenshot below most of the players in my squad are very young. So in my opinion we need at least one more defender (experiences), one more midfielder and one more striker. With Nordin Bakker, Marco Tol, Micky van de Ven, Gijs Smal, Roy Tol and Martijn Kaars we do have some exciting young prospects in the first team. These are also the players that i hope to build my Eredivisie winning squad around. Only time will tell if i can succeed in this as young talents are always wanted by both national as international clubs.

The search for a defender was pretty tough as i wanted an experienced one, we didn’t have much money so we needed a free agent. I preferred somebody with Eredivisie experience. Last but not least this defender should have decent attributes especially as i am trying to set up a player profile for the club. When i was about to give up on my free agent search and i wanted to start looking for a player to bring in on a loan spell i suddenly came across Jerold Promes. This defender is 35 years old, he played 22 games for VVV Venlo last season in the Eredivisie and still has decent attributes all across the board. Our contract negotiations were pretty fast and simple and i was surprised Promes even wanted to sign with our club. We only offered him a one year deal as this player was going to be a backup player for the younger defenders. He agreed on our offer and so our search for our experienced defender was over.

Jerold Promes his attributes

Now the search for a midfielder was going to start and this was a really fun search. I have screened so many midfielders, i had so many on trial but most of them i could not sign due to the absence of decent finances. So the free agent market was a no go for now and my next move was looking at the Dutch topclubs to see if any of their youth players would be eligble for a loan spell. I quickly found the eighteen year old Alexis Mendez at Ajax. This youngster would be a nice fit in the squad and if i would give him enough game time Ajax would not complain about anything. I was surprised that they would let him go this easily as we only had to pay ten percent from his salary to get this deal done. With Alexis Mendez i now have more then enough midfielders and i am very happy with that.

Alexis Mendez his attributes

Last but not least i also wanted an extra striker. Like with Alexis Mendez his loan spell i have scouted so many strikers. I even was close to signing a few but before we could seal the deal i noticed something about the players i did not like. But in the end i’ve managed to succeed to bring in a young striker on a loan spell. Again it was a player from Ajax and this time it is the 20 year old Danilo Pereira. I know this player from Football Manager 2019 where i have bought him quite a few times at medoicre clubs and this young lad always came through with good performances and goals. So i was wondering is he was any good in this new Football Manager edition. The deal for Pereira was also pretty cheap as i only had to pay 25% from his salary. I do know that is quite some money for FC Volendam but i am happy that i have managed to bring in the players that i wanted.

Danilo Pereira his attributes


On the screenshot below you can see the players that i will have at my disposal during season one. I can safely say that i have brought more players in during this season. We’ve had some nasty injuries which forced me to dip my toes into the free agent market more times then i actually wanted. I could’ve used youth players to bring in as backup but most youth players are not up to the task attribute wise. So with the team below i hope to achieve our goals for this season and if we end up securing promotion i am very curious what this will do with the players their ability and potential.


Getting all the players i wanted for this season took me nearly four hours. I am glad that i only needed three players because otherwise i would’ve been at it an entire day i reckon. I want to thank everybody that has taken the time to read this post and leave a comment if you have any questions.

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