May 10, 2020 1 By r4vjez

In my newest FM20 adventure i will be taking charge at FC Volendam, also know as ‘The Other Oranje’. For me personally the Estudiantes LP savegame was not working out. I really disliked the Argentine competition setup there and that is why i’ve decided to start a new savegame and blog about that. With FC Volendam i have a nice small club from Holland with enough potential to slowly rise to the top. I can only hope that people are gonna like this story so let’s get cracking.


Football Club Volendam was founded as Victoria on 1 June 1920 by local fishermen. By 1923, the club had already been renamed to its most famous denomination. In 1977 RKSV Volendam split up in RKSV (non-pro) en FC Volendam (pro), this situation is still actual today.

Being from the piously catholic village of Volendam, the club quickly joined the Catholic Football Association of the Netherlands. In 1935 and 1938, Volendam won that competition and, in the Second World War, was forced by the nazis to join the KNVB. In 1955, the club joined the professional football league, soon establishing its reputation as the Heen-en-weer club (the back-and-forth club) due to the many times the club was promoted and relegated throughout its history.

Throughout the years, Volendam spawned many talented players, such as Wim Jonk, Edwin Zoetebier, Arnold and Gerrie Mühren. The club also has an accomplished scouting and youth system, which spreads across many different countries.


Since i was young i have always been a fan of this club. I don’t know why but everytime i was allowed to watch football on the television when i was young i was hoping to see a glimps of FC Volendam. I probably really liked their orange kits or something. Another big factor for me to take this club is because they have never ever won the Eredivisie here in Holland. Sure, they have been promoted a few times from the Eerste Divisie to the Eredivisie but they have never won the Dutch title. As you can see below they did manage to win the Dutch Cup or KNVB Beker a few times but other then that they have had no succes.

  • Eerste Divisie

    • Winners: 1958–59, 1960–61, 1966–67, 1969–70, 1986–87, 2007–08
    • Promoted: 1976–77, 1982–83, 2002–03
  • KNVB Cup or KNVB Beker

    • Runners-up: 1957–58, 1994–95

So this club has never seen any real succes and so the challenge with this club is immense. Going from a nobodies club to a international topclub is going to be a real adventure and a (big) challenge. And as soon as i stopped with Estudiantes i knew i had to do this save. It has been on my list for several years now and i never got around to get started.


In Dutch the nickname for FC Volendam is ‘Het Andere Oranje’ which means in English ‘The Other Oranje’. Now why does this club has such a nickname you wonder? The explanation is really simple. As FC Volendam it’s main club colours are Orange people always linked this to the Dutch national team. Over here in Holland we call the Dutch national team also ‘Oranje’  and to avoid confusion FC Volendam was nicknamed ‘The Other Oranje’.


Thanks for reading my introduction post from this new savegame. I can only hope people will enjoy it and i am sure that this adventure will be very fun and challenging. In my next post i will show you the club’s vision, my own thoughts and views on this savegame and the plans that i have with ‘The Other Oranje’.