May 13, 2020 0 By r4vjez

Welcome to another Weekly Update from The Blogging Agent. This update comes a bit later as i was planning to release a post after Title Update 9.1 got released. But as Ubisoft has delayed the release of TU9.1 here i am with another Weekly Update for y’all to enjoy!


Let’s start with the new events that have gone live in The Division 2 recently. As the Home League came to and end us Agents could enjoy the new Global Event called ‘REANIMATED’! It was very simple, everytime you shot down an enemy he got automatically reanimated and by doing different types of missions and challenges you could rank up. Like with all the other events so far the most exciting reward was another Exotic cache. As i had to go back to work during the last two weeks i have not played the game that much so i have not spend any time at all on this new Global Event. If you have done this then let me know which Exotic you got from your cache. It is always nice to know how the RNG God’s are with or against other people in the world of The Division 2.We can also take another step in the big ‘Manhunt’ thing that has been ongoing during this first season. This time we can do all kinds of missions in order of taking out target Mercury. After taking out Mercury we can finally start hunting for prime target Jupiter! But for now i will be busy with doing all the stuff so i can get to Mercury and kick his ass! I really like these manhunts now and i hope that i have enough time during the next couple of days to complete this one.


Last week i have also decided to leave my former BOB clan. I was tired with carrying the clan by myself and as the founder(s) suddenly stopped playing The Division 2 i decided to start my own clan. So when and if you see some guys running around with the [LOL] tag on, then those are my Division 2 buddies. My clan is called LaughingOutLoud because i want to have fun in this game and nothing else. But to stay on track, i have been testing a few builds in the DarkZone this last week. After i had completed the Black Tusk Invasion it was time for me to head into the DarkZone together with MrMango. And boy did we have fun in there. Last night was a really good night as the targeted loot in DZ EAST was set to kneepads. For some reason i managed to get both the Emperors Guard and the NinjaBike Messenger kneepads. I have been farming for both of these for quite a while now and i am really happy i got them before TU9.1 got released. Both items are almost godrolled so i was really happy with the fact that both these items dropped. As a bonus is also got another pretty decent Pestilence so last night was really awesome loot wise. 


At some point this week i got a bit bored with The Division 2 while waiting on people during the Tidal Basin mission. So i started messing with my character his outfit and eventually came up with the one shown on the screenshot below. For some reason i felt the need to create a really happy Agent. As TU9.1 should’ve taken away a lot of my frustrations with the Division 2 i was a bit sad. I could also notice this with my friends so i decided to bring a bit of positivity into the group. At first people started laughing about my outfit and the casual GAY joke came around but after a while people started to feel my positive spirit and we had a blast playing the game up until right now.


As Ubisoft have not released a new date on which they are going to release TU9.1 we are stuck with an unbalanced game until then. I can only hope that every Agent out there can keep a positive spirit. The world in The Division 2 needs us Agents to keep the peace everyday of the week so go out there and fight the good fight! Thanks again for reading and i hope you will return next week when my new Weekly Update comes out.