The Division 2 – North East League Event

Hi Agents!

Yesterday Title Update 8.5 came out and at the same time Ubisoft has launched the North East League Event. In this event you have to several missions and time challenges to gain ranks. After a few ranks you will get rewards and at the end there is an Exotic Cache waiting for you guys! I wish all Agents a happy and succesful grind.

The Division 2 – Title Update 8.5 – Patch Notes

Hello my fellow Agents!!

The Division 2 Title Update 8.5 is here!! Read this post to find out everything about the patch notes. Also leave a comment and tell us what you think about the new Title Update.

The Blogging Agent – Weekly Update #2 – The Division 2

Hellow my fellow Agents!

In this post i will be taking you through most of the activities that i have been doing during this week in The Division 2. Because two new events went live there have been plenty of things to choose from. As i had to go back into work i had less time to play The Division then last week but i still got around in completing quite a few things.

The Division 2 – Two New Events Have Gone Live

Hi there Agents!

Two new events have gone live in The Division 2 and in this post we will be taking a look at them. A new apparel event called Urban Jungle is a new opportunity to to earn new apparel items for your Agent while the new Manhunt will give you the chance to kill Venus! Keep reading this post to find more ins and outs about these two new events.

The Division 2 – Title Update 8.5 – COMING SOON !!

Hi there Agents,

Last night Ubisoft has released a post about the Title Update 8.5 for The Division 2. They are planning to release Title Update 8.5 next week and to deploy further fixes in early April. If you want to know which changes are coming then make sure to read this post!!

The Blogging Agent – Weekly Update #1 – The Division 2


Hi there my fellow Agents!

As this is my first weekly Division 2 blog post i am hoping you guys will like it. Due to the Corona quarantine i have been playing more Division 2 then during a normal work week. Sadly enough next week i probably have to go back to work. So this means that my Division 2 grind will be less then it is at the moment. It also means that i have been taking full advantage of the time that i currently have. And this has lead to me getting some really sweet and decent gear pieces. In this post i will show you which missions and locations i have been grinding and which gear pieces and weapons i have been getting as rewards.